Weight loss surgery in Turkey with medicalfly

Weight loss surgery in Turkey with medicalfly

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Bariatric Surgeries in Turkey with medicalfly


By obesity and type 2 diabetes patients, a gastric sleeve surgery can help to lose weight. In bariatric surgery, a part of the stomach is removed by the surgeon, reducing the total volume of the stomach. When it comes to the various methods of bariatric surgeries, in addition to gastric sleeve surgery, there are also gastric bypass operations, metabolic surgeries or gastric balloon interventions are available. These procedures and surgeries are offered by medicalfly with excellent value for money in Turkey.


These bariatric surgeries are available at medicalfly


Weight loss surgery in Turkey such as gastric sleeve help the patient to lose weight quickly and sustainably. After the operation, the feeling of satiety occurs which severely limits food intake. However, surgeries like this are only indicated in the case of severe obesity, after a certain BMI limit and unsuccessful attempts to lose weight in the past.


There are different bariatric surgery methods that vary in type and scope. Gastric sleeve surgery reduces the volume of the stomach by removing part of the stomach, which means that the patient will only be able to eat small amounts of food in the future. Gastric bypass preserves the stomach, but part of the stomach and large intestine are bypassed for digestion. The Transit Bipartition and the Sadi-S methods also work similarly.


Other bariatric intervention the gastric baloon. With this operation, the stomach and intestines remain completely intact. Instead, the stomach volume is reduced with various aids. This leads to advantages similar to those of the other operations mentioned: obesity can be overcomed easily.


Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey with medicalfly


If you would like to undergo a bariatric surgery such as gastric sleeve surgery, transit bipartition or the Sadi-S method, medicalfly team in Turkey is also by your side. The biggest advantage of having a bariatric surgery in Turkey is high quality, professionality, experience and ofcourse cost saving.